After Swiggy and Zomato, another company announces period leave for women employees

A Delhi-based company has recently joined the list of Indian firms that offer period leaves to women employees. The company announced the new policy so that its female employees don’t feel ashamed or stigmatised to talk about menstrual health.

Divya Bhati

New Delhi,UPDATED: Dec 22, 2022 20:18 IST

By Divya Bhati: Period leave has always been a heated topic in the working industry. Men dominating workplaces, always discriminate and stereotype women due to the differences in their physical anatomy. However, to build a safe and inclusive workspace for women, many companies across the globe, including some Indian firms, have started offering period leaves. And following-their footsteps, a Delhi-based company has recently announced period leaves for its women employees.

Orient Electric, which deals with consumer electrical products, has announced period leave for all its female employees. The company announced the new policy so that its women employees do not feel ashamed or stigmatised to talk about menstrual health or applying for these leaves. The period leave policy is an attempt to create a diverse and inclusive work environment for all its employees.

Having said that, the Indian multinational electrical equipment manufacturer has now joined the league of Indian companies including Swiggy, Zomato and Byju’s who are among the first companies who initiated the policy of granting paid menstrual leaves to their employees.

Here is the list of Indian companies that offer period leaves to their employees.

Indian companies that offer period leaves

  • Swiggy
  • Culture Machine
  • Mathrumbi
  • Magzter
  • Wet and Dry
  • IndustryARC
  • Zomato
  • Gozoop Online Pvt Ltd
  • Horses Stable News
  • FlyMyBiz
  • Byju’s
  • Orient Electric

Significantly, India is not the only country which is pushing the need for period leave for its female employees. Countries including Japan, South Korea, Spain, Taiwan, Indonesia and Italy are in the list of nations which highlighted the need for menstrual leave as a part of women employees’ leave policy. Under the policy, female employees are entitled to take off for a day or two during their menstruation.

It should be noted that the policy of period leave is not about special treatment towards the opposite gender, or isolating menstruators in the workplace, instead, it acknowledges the physical differences and the idea of changing working standards according to the needs of the employees.

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