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 Photo for representative purpose only
Photo for representative purpose only

New Delhi: To broaden the exposure of medical students in the field of research, AIIMS has decided that all undergraduate students will undertake research projects and get Rs 50,000 each for the same. At present, 132 undergraduate students are enrolled in each batch at AIIMS.

This programme will be run, monitored and evaluated through the student management system. According to an office memorandum, issued by director M Srinivas on Tuesday, the new students may start writing to the faculty after six months of joining the institute, while the rest may enrol now.

Welcoming the initiative, the students’ association said that for the first time in India, MBBS students would get an exclusive fund for research. Under the old programmes, funds are allocated to a group of students and every student may not get an opportunity, it clarified.

Officials said the students would be encouraged to write to the faculty to express their desire to be mentored by them, which will help in promoting their long-term research interest.

The students may initially be affiliated with the projects of seniors to learn basic techniques and then write a proposal with the mentor for the funding to the research section for at least six months. “It may be longer if the student and the mentor would like to continue the project and work for a longer period,” stated the memorandum.

The topics finalised may be displayed on the website after obtaining the necessary ethical clearance. The records of the research activity should be submitted to the registrar, academic section at the end of that year with the signature of the UG coordinator of the respective department.

Last year, AIIMS launched the UG research mentorship scheme, in which a group of two-three MBBS students from the third semester onward was allowed to write a research proposal under the guidance of a faculty member and submit it for funds. A total funding of Rs 2 lakh per project was to be sanctioned for one year and 10 such projects were to be allowed in a financial year. A short-term studentship is also awarded by the department of health research and ICMR.

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