Amid concerns of AI replacing coders, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman says it will help coders become 30X programmers


In a recent interview at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, Sam Altman, who runs OpenAI, talked about how artificial intelligence (AI) could change the way people write computer code. While speaking to Melbourne Business School Chief’s Learning Innovation Officer Dr Nora Koslowski at the event, Altman asserted that AI could actually make them way more productive instead of taking away jobs from coders.

Altman explained that AI is like having a really smart tool that can help people learn better and do more work. He believes this could make a big difference, especially for students who don’t have access to expensive tutors. With the help of AI, everyone could get personalized help, just like having a tutor, but without the high cost.

During his talk, Altman mentioned that governments and business leaders around the world are getting excited about AI because it could help create new jobs and make life better for everyone. However, he also mentioned that we need to be careful about how we use AI, as there are some risks we need to be aware of. Altman also boldly asserted that far from being replaced, coders could become “30X programmers” with the aid of AI technology.

“You talk to computer programmers, they’ll say ‘I’m two times, three times more productive, sometimes more’. Then it’ll go up to 20 or 30 times more productive. And when you have a 20x or 30x productivity gain, it becomes a qualitative change in what someone can do. It kind of gets to like everybody is running their medium-sized company. You can really output a lot of things.”

Altman also talked about how AI could change the way businesses work. He said that companies could become much more efficient and productive with the help of AI tools. This means they could do their work much faster and better than before.

“One of the exciting things about this AI revolution that has just started is it’s a full reset for everyone. Everybody gets to start over. For new companies or existing companies that really want to innovate, the rules just changed,” he said.

Altman gave some advice to business leaders on how to get started with AI. He suggested that they should try using AI tools in their work to see how they could help. He said that by experimenting and trying new things, companies could find ways to use AI to make their work easier and more efficient.

Overall, Altman is hopeful about the future of AI and how it could make life better for everyone. He believes that with the right approach, AI could help people do amazing things and solve big problems.

Published By:

Ankita Garg

Published On:

Mar 14, 2024


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