Anand Mahindra reacts to Ram Charan’s ‘complaint’ of not being invited to wedding


Anand Mahindra, the Chairman of Mahindra group, had a light-hearted social media interaction with none other than the global star, Ram Charan. Known for his active presence on various social platforms, Anand Mahindra recently experienced a moment of friendly banter when Ram Charan playfully questioned him about not being invited to a wedding.

The conversation started when Ram Charan commented on a video shared by Anand Mahindra, expressing his ‘surprise’ at not receiving an invitation to an individual named Sujith’s wedding. He mentioned, “Why didn’t you invite me to Sujith’s wedding, @anandmahindra? I live close by. It would have been fun to meet my friends in Zaheerabad. By the way, great work, @MahindraRise.”

Anand Mahindra responded with humour. He admitted his oversight in a tweet, saying, “@AlwaysRamCharan, I confess. I messed up. And missed sending you the invitation! I believe I was preoccupied with perfecting my dance moves based on your last lesson. But, many thanks for the shout-out! Makes a huge positive impact. Let me not mess up & miss out again—so here’s wishing you a very Happy Birthday well in advance!”

Take a look:

Ram Charan thanked Mahindra for his wishes. “Hope to see you soon. Thanks a lot for your wishes,” read the comment.

Anand Mahindra got lessons from Ram Charan on the Naatu Naatu hook step. The clip went viral with over 7 lakh views.

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Srimoyee Chowdhury

Published On:

Mar 24, 2024


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