Aoora on ‘Bigg Boss 17’: Not knowing Hindi is my strongest point | Exclusive

Aoora is all set to enter ‘Bigg Boss 17’ as a wild card contestant. He is a Korean artist who has mesmerised many by singing Hindi songs in his own way. He is going to be the third wildcard entrant inside the house.

Ahead of his entry, the singer opened up about why he said yes to the show and how he will be dealing with the language barrier in an exclusive interview with


Aoora spoke exclusively with ahead of his entry into ‘Bigg Boss 17’. He revealed his excitement for ‘Bigg Boss 17’ and said, “I am excited because it’s my first time (being on a show like this). So many things are so interesting.” He is also fascinated by the fact that he will be living with strangers and will be ‘living together, cleaning together and cooking together’.

He also added, “I want to make new friends and I enjoy together. Cultural differences doesn’t matter because there will be new experiences. It will be a learning experience.”


Opening up about the language barrier that he might face on the show, he said, “I will try to listen to Hindi and I will teach everyone Korean. I do know a little bit of Hindi. I will speak in simple Hindi, I’m ready. I don’t speak Hindi, but I am going to ‘Bigg Boss’.”

He also added, “My strong point is not knowing Hindi. I am emotional and not knowing the language, I will be able to detach myself. My goal is very simple. I want to give everyone happiness and spread some happy energy.”

He also revealed that he respects host Salman Khan and is excited and looking forward to meeting him.

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Zinia Bandyopadhyay

Published On:

Dec 10, 2023

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