Chennai-based jewellery firm crafts epic Sriramacharitmanas in gold

The Chennai-based Vummidi Bangaru Jewellers (VBJ), which designed and made Sengol, the historical sceptre installed in the new Parliament, has crafted epic Ramcharitramanas in gold, after the request of a devotee.

It will be placed at the Ram Mandir’s sanctum sanctorum on Rama Navami, which falls on April 17.

Ramcharitmanas is a Hindu epic that is divided into six ‘Kaandas’ or chapters, each with a distinct phase of Lord Rama’s journey. They are the Bala Kanda, Ayodhya Kanda, Aranya Kanda, Kishkindha Kanda, Sundara Kanda and the Uttara Kanda.

According to the Managing Partner of VBJ, Amarendran, the golden epic weighs up to 147 kg overall, with 522 gold-plated pages on it. Nearly 700 grams of gold was used for plating the 522 pages.

He further added that as many as eight months have gone into the crafting of Ramcharitramanas in gold, with two months just gone into the research.

“Totally, 522 kilos of metal has been used with 700gm of gold used for plating. We were told to not change anything including the font and we had to be careful. This artwork will be placed next to Ram Lalla in a specially made stand on Ramnavami”, he said.

Speaking to India Today TV, the creative head of VBJ, Anupam Karmakar, said that he had to visit Ram Mandir specifically to get the dimensions and instructions were given about measurements.

“Everything was done as per the instructions provided. Not one word was changed and the entire script was given as PDF. We will be given three hours to install the artwork after which devotees will be able to see it from a distance”, said Anupam Karmakar.

Published By:

Sudeep Lavania

Published On:

Apr 4, 2024

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