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‘Covid survivors need to stay cautious in Diwali, winter’

Nagpur: Monsoon withdrawal was once again late and very rapid. There was heavy rainfall till the last week, then sudden change of weather and now onset of winter is on cards.

Diwali too is just round the corner. This year it will be special because people will be celebrating the festival free of the Covid restrictions for the first time after two years.

Doctors have advised people to pay attention to the weather change along with the “pollution due to firecrackers” and take additional care this Diwali.

Senior pulmonologist Dr Ashok Arbat said, “Diwali brings triggers for respiratory problems such as pollution due to firecrackers but this year weather change is also happening at the same time. Winter and air pollution have put patients at double risk for developing asthma, COPD and other lung disorders.”

“When the season changes, our body needs time to adjust to the environment. Respiratory diseases also increase during this change. Viral fever, body ache, common cold cases also increase along with asthma. Weather change affects children and senior citizens more. At such times, preventive measures should be taken,” he said.

Patients of lung disorders need to take extra care or there can be a sharp increase in respiratory disorders in November.

Those who have recovered from Covid-19 must be careful about lung infections, either due to weather change or pollution caused by firecrackers. “Covid recovered persons must be aware of long Covid. Sudden onset of lung infection cannot be overruled during this period,” said physician Dr Vivek Bhargav who has treated Covid patients.

“Many Covid recovered persons, especially senior citizens with diabetes and hypertension, are coming back with respiratory illnesses, fever and similar complaints. Some of them test positive for Covid too,” said Dr Bhargav.

Doctors also spoke about smog which is quite common during Diwali. “This year, winter is just setting in and Diwali is here. When fog mixes with air pollutants, it turns into smog, which results in decreased lung function and causes respiratory inflammation,” said pulmonologist Dr Parimal Deshpande.

Certified yoga trainer Praful Hatgaonkar said regular exercises like walking and cycling won’t help much during polluted days ahead. “People with lung conditions must follow ways to strengthen the organs. These include indoor pranayama, some simple breathing exercises and drinking ample water regularly,” he said.

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