Defence ministry approves 6,400 rockets for Pinaka weapon system: Sources

The Defence Ministry has cleared the procurement of 6,400 new rockets for the Pinaka weapon system deployed along the borders with Pakistan and China, according to sources.

The anticipated approval for the rocket acquisition is valued at over Rs 2,600 crore and will exclusively involve Indian firms, sources added. Front-runners for the contract include Solar Industries and Munitions India Limited.

Notably, these indigenous Rocket Launchers incorporate critical subsystems designed and developed within the country, including the Servo System and Fire Control system.

The Pinaka Multi Barrel Rocket Launcher (MBRL) is an advanced artillery weapon system designed for all-weather, indirect area fire.

Its primary purpose is to rapidly deliver a large volume of firepower against critical targets in sensitive areas.

Equipped with quick response capabilities and relatively high pointing accuracy, the Launcher can efficiently engage time-sensitive enemy targets within a short timeframe.

During firing, the Launcher System is supported by four hydraulically actuated outriggers.

The cradle, which holds the pods containing the rockets, is pivoted to the revolving base. Each pod has six launcher tubes arranged in a 2×3 matrix. The vehicle cabin houses the Man Machine Interface for operating the Launcher.

It can be operated either by connecting to a Fire Control Computer (FCC), Launcher Computer (LC), or manually. The Launcher initialization is facilitated by an Automatic Gun Alignment and Pointing System (AGAPS) or a Dial Sight.

Published By:

Aditi Sharma

Published On:

Dec 14, 2023

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