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Kolkata: Doctors submit draft on cadaver donation norms

KOLKATA: The Anatomical Society of India, which promotes the acceptance of cadavers donated by families of deceased persons for use in medical science, has submitted a draft to Swasthya Bhawan to formulate a standard operating procedure that will streamline body donation and enable various medical colleges to accept bodies 24X7.

The framing of the guidelines after seven decades was prompted by differences between a medical college in Kolkata and Ganadarpan over whether a body that has undergone a post-mortem can be donated.

Kolkata: Doctors submit draft on cadaver donation norms

“Realising the need to lay down proper guidelines so that body donation can go on without hiccups, the Society has drafted an SOP that lays down which bodies are suited for donation and which aren’t. The provisional SOP was submitted on Friday for further approval from the health department”, said the Society’s Bengal chapter president Abhijit Bhakta.

The main highlights of the draft proposal include the preference for an adult cadaver of a person who has not died of any infection or undergone a post-mortem. Also, cadavars from which organs have been donated or those that have undergone ante-mortem amputation surgeries with active lesion are not preferred.

Hironmoy Roy, the joint secretary of the Society, explained that embalming of bodies that have undergone post-mortem or ante-mortem amputation with active lesion is difficult and there is a possibility of leakage.

Ganadarpan general secretary Sudipta Saha Roy has welcomed the initiative. “It is important to have proper guidelines of body donation in the state. This should have been done long ago,” he said, adding that till now, the organised used the Transplantation of Human Organs and Tissues Act, 1994, as reference.

Founded by Braja Roy, Ganadarpan’s pioneering efforts in raising awareness on body donation as well as facilitation of the procedures. Ganadarpan has facilitated around 3,100 body donations till date and has 14 lakh donation pledged.

Paschim Banga Vigyan Mancha state health convenor Sk Soleman said they encourage donation of cadaver within 12 hours of death and discourage post-mortem bodies.

“We have been recently instructed to send donated body to the closest possible 13 medical colleges and hospitals in the state but not aware about the recent conflict and proposed guidelines, but if new guidelines get implemented in the future we will always abide it,” said Soleman.

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