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India's G20 presidency bolstering voice of Global South: Dr Alyoade Alakija

Thiruvananthapuram: Appreciating the kickstart of India’s G20 presidency, Dr Ayoade Alakija, Special Envoy ACT-Accelerator, World Health Organisation said, “Very excited by the India G20 presidency to start off with and very keen to see the sort of global south collaboration that we can put together in this new world order. For us as a health group, this new global health order.”

Speaking at the G20 India Presidency meeting in Kerala Dr Alakjia said, “The world is coming to India, not just to have a discussion, but to learn from the country from the south to the north, from health to infrastructure to finance. There is so much digital transformation that has gone on in this country.”

Dr Alakjia further added, ”The world is in Davos this week, making decisions for the rest of us. They’re launching various initiatives that will mainly affect the global south. But it is time for those decisions not to be made on the snowy slopes of Davos, but to be made on the beaches of Kerala or in Goa, Pune, Delhi or in the global south and we need to push for that, as a people we need to push in our togetherness.”

Calling India’s G20 presidency a historical movement Dr Alkajia said, “India’s, G20 presidency is an exciting moment in history because it is the troika. India is going to define the global health architecture for the next many decades because it is going to be decided in these few months.”

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