Exclusive: ‘The Impossible Heir’ director on Lee Jae-wook, Lee Junyoung’s roles

‘The Impossible Heir’, starring Lee Jae-wook [The Alchemy of Souls] and Lee Junyoung in pivotal roles, has premiered on Disney + Hotstar. The new K-drama has been directed by Min Yunhong. It revolves around three characters who dare to turn their fate around as misfits. Their journey from being outcasts to clawing their way to the top of Korea’s biggest conglomerate makes for the premise of ‘The Impossible Heir’.

The show will release a new episode every Wednesday and Thursday. Ahead of the launch, director Yunhong spoke about what makes the show ‘unique’ and explained in detail what makes the characters stand out.

Lee Jae-wook plays the role of Han Taeoh, an ordinary teenager looking for a better life with his mother. When asked what makes his character special, the director said, “Han Taeoh is a genius. There are so many factors that work against him, restricting his freedom, but through his genius, he finds ways to tum those limitations to his advantage.”

Explaining how this character stands out in Jae-wook’s body of work, he said, “Jae-wook’s most famous performance is probably the role of Janguk in ‘Alchemy of Souls.’ It’s a performance loved by many viewers, but compared to that character, Han Taeoh is much more serious. Taeoh doesn’t have a sense of humour and his only goal in life is to achieve his targets and survive. There are moments where his emotions outweigh his reasoning, but in most cases, Taeoh excels at controlling his feelings. While at times he may come across as a cold-blooded character, deep inside he’s actually quite sweet.”

Similarly, explaining Kang Inha’s role played by Lee Junyoung, director Min shared, “Kang Inha is like magma. He engulfs anything he wants, even if it ruins him. He’s like a volcano whose eruption is impossible to predict. But after he meets a good friend, he tries to set his course straight. The amount of pent-up anger within him fuels his drive to execute his plans.”

It is also perhaps one of those characters that goes through a huge transformation within the narrative. Explaining how they wrote the specifics for this role, director Min explained, “We built this character up through different phases, from high school to university, from the early days of his career to his peak as an adult. We then adjusted the tone of the performance, costumes, and even the character’s hairstyle to match the era being depicted.”

Another central character in the show is Na Hyewon, played by actor Hong Suzu. Suzu makes her (drama) leading role debut with this part.

‘The Impossible Heir’ is now streaming on Disney + Hotstar.

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Anvita Singh

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Mar 2, 2024

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