Google Doodle celebrates flat white coffee with animated illustration


Flat white coffee, a popular beverage around the world, is the subject of Google Doodle today. It was on this day in 2011 that flat white was added to the Oxford English Dictionary as Google commemorated the occasion with an animated doodle.

“This animated doodle celebrates flat white, a popular espresso-based beverage which originated in Australia and New Zealand,” Google said on its website.

There is widespread speculation that the flat white originated in Australia and New Zealand during the 1980s, coinciding with it popping up on menus in both Sydney and Auckland around that period.

Typically served in a ceramic cup, a flat white comprises a shot of espresso topped with steamed milk and a delicate layer of microfoam. Notably, its “flatter” composition, with less foam compared to cappuccinos or lattes, appeals to coffee connoisseurs seeking a smoother texture.

Baristas often flaunt their skills and create beautiful artwork with the pour, a familiar sight in numerous cafes throughout Australia and New Zealand.

“The flat white has since spread far across the world, delighting and becoming a staple in many nations. No matter the origins, coffee lovers worldwide agree it’s a favourite morning or arvo (afternoon) pick-me-up,” Google said on its website.

Published On:

Mar 11, 2024


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