Helpless wild dogs watch lion take their ‘brother’ away in deadly attack | Video

A video of wild dogs trying to free their “brother” from the clutches of a lion has surfaced online. The scene was captured by Nhlanhla Nkuna, a guide at Balule Nature Reserve in South Africa.

Nhlanhla recorded a video of the scene and shared it with Latest Sightings, who further posted it on their YouTube channel in the previous week.

Narrating the incident, Nhlanhla said, “We found a huge lion that was relaxing in the shade of some shrubs when something caught his attention. A steenbok! He jumped up, but before realising what was happening, the little buck had disappeared into the bushes.”

Witnessing the scene, Nhlanhla wondered why the steenbok had fled. Soon, the answer became apparent as a pack of wild dogs emerged, sprinting full speed in pursuit of their prey.

The pack of wild dogs were unaware as danger lurked nearby as the lion lay concealed in the bushes. As the first wild dog appeared, the lion swiftly pounced, catching it off guard and seizing it by the throat.

“The wild dog let out a squeal and a whimper. He was caught, and there was no way he could do anything about it,” Nhlanhla said.

The other two members of the wild dog pack, upon hearing the distress calls, rushed to the scene. Faced with the grim reality that one of their own was captured, they resorted to intimidation, barking and growling at the imposing lion.

Despite their efforts, the lion remained unfazed, maintaining a firm grip on the captured wild dog.

“The huge male, who knew that the dogs could not harm him, just kept his grip firm on the wild dog’s throat. At that point, the wild dog gave his last kick, and a small whimper of its last breath came out, and his life came to an end. The other dogs, clearly defeated, just stood and watched on,” Nhlanhla added.

Watch the video here:

The video garnered over 2 million views while wildlife enthusiasts expressed their opinions in the comments section of the post.

“The way he just grabbed him with one paw. This lion is such a force,” a user commented. “I’m shocked that the wild dogs didn’t at least attempt to nip the lion. They were so scared to get near him,” another user said.

“The expression on the lion’s face is classic. “REALLY, guys? Are you serious???” another person said.

This incident sheds light on the harsh reality of the wild, where predators like lions capitalise on any opportunity to eliminate potential competition for food.

Published By:

Ashmita Saha

Published On:

Mar 5, 2024

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