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In Nagpur, 15-year-old watches YouTube videos, performs own delivery, kills baby

NAGPUR: A 15-year-old pregnant girl watched YouTube videos to train herself, and delivered her own baby on Friday while at home alone. She then strangled the newborn girl with a belt so its cries would not alert neighbours. The Std IX girl had become pregnant after she was allegedly raped by a man she befriended and chatted with on Instagram.

The girl used to spend a lot of time on her phone, where some months ago she met one Thakur on Instagram and started chatting with him. She did not know his full name or address, and could not furnish any details about him, leaving the cops in a bind. As Thakur always communicated with her over messenger and voice calls, his mobile number too is not available for the cops to trace him.

Making matters worse, the minor’s mother had smashed her cellphone some weeks ago after realising that her daughter was misusing it to chat with strangers.

The minor had then started using her mother’s cellphone, and ensured she deleted browsing history and downloaded content so she was not caught.

O n Friday night, the minor’s mother, who worked at a mall, was surprised to see blood stains at various places in the room when she returned from work. Her daughter too was appearing pale and exhausted. The minor tried to mislead the mother by stating that the blood stains were due to her menstruation, but later broke down and narrated how she had given birth to a baby girl.

As the crying baby would have alerted neighbours, the minor decided to silence her by strangulating her with a belt until she fell silent, and then left it on the terrace in a bag.

The mother rushed the minor to Mayo Hospital, from where doctors alerted Ambazari police. A woman cop from Ambazari police station tried to gather some facts from the minor about the incident, but her detailed questioning is yet to be done.

The cops said the man had lured the minor to meet him, on the pretext of becoming friends. Thakur had once taken her to a friend’s place, where he had forced himself upon her after forcing her to consume liquor.

It’s learnt the minor used to always keep bags of sanitary napkins ready to show to her mother whenever she was asked about her menstrual cycle. Sources said some neighbours had passed remarks about the minor’s bulging belly, but the girl had managed to claim she was menstruating.

Senior inspector Gajanan Kalyankar of Ambazari police station said cops are now trying to seek help of cyber experts to try and trace Thakur. “Police are still unsure about many questions in the case. We have a preliminary version of the minor and her mother, but detailed inquiry is required,” said Kalyankar.

The cop have registered an offence of rape and registered case of accidental death for the fetus, waiting for the post mortem report to find out whether it was still born or killed after birth.

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