In Rajya Sabha, AAP MP Sanjay Pathak urges Centre to release Rs 8,000 crore funds allocated for Punjab

AAP’s Rajya Sabha MP from Punjab, Sandeep Pathak, addressed the Parliament on Monday regarding the delayed funds for Punjab. Pathak said that the BJP-led central government is holding back funds allocated for Punjab, emphasising that these funds rightfully belong to the people of Punjab and should be released promptly.

According to Pathak, the Centre owes Punjab Rs 5,500 crore under the Rural Development Fund (RDF), specifically used for rural road construction and maintenance and Mandis (Farmer’s Markets), crucial for the agricultural sector.

He highlighted that the Modi government should release this amount without delay, as the new laws in Punjab ensure that the funds are solely directed towards Mandis and rural roads.

Additionally, Pathak mentioned that Rs 621 crore under the National Health Mission (NHM) is pending. Responding to the government’s claims that the funds are not meant for clinics run by the AAP government, Pathak said the NHM funds are needed for medicines, medical equipment, and government hospitals.

The AAP leader stated, “Apart from this, the central government is withholding Rs 850 crore of the Market Development Fund (MDF) and Rs 1,800 crore of Special Assistance Fund. Collectively, this amounts to nearly Rs 8,000 crore, which rightfully belongs to Punjab and its people.”

Pathak warned that if the Modi government continued to withhold Punjab’s funds, legal action might be pursued through the Supreme Court.

He said the central government should release this money immediately so that development work can proceed, and health facilities can be provided without any financial hindrances.

Published By:

Aditi Sharma

Published On:

Dec 12, 2023

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