Indian Railways books cab for student after his train gets cancelled. Read full story here

Doesn’t it feel great when help comes from unexpected sources? Well, something similar happened with this student from Gujarat. After his train from Ekta Nagar to Vadodara got cancelled, the Indian Railways took matters into their own hands and booked a cab for the young man named Satyam Gadhvi so that he could catch his train from Vadodara to Chennai. Read on further to find out more about it.

Satyam Gadhvi, an engineering student from IIT Madras had to return to his college. He had booked a train from Ekta Nagar to Vadodara that got cancelled as tracks were washed out due to the rains. So, the Indian Railways did something quite heartwarming. They booked a cab for Gadhvi from Ekta Nagar to Vadodara so that he could go to Chennai from there.

Satyam shared a video message on Twitter and thanked the authorities for helping him out. “Today, I am very thankful to the whole railway department of Ekta Nagar and Vadodara for making my journey a success. The train which I booked was supposed to depart from Ektanagar at 9:15. But because the tracks were washed out because of rain, the train was cancelled at the last moment,” he said in the message.

“But because of the very supportive staff of Ekta Nagar, they hired a car for me. They showed how much importance they give to each and every passenger of railways. The driver was nice. He took it as a challenge to catch a train from Vadodara,” Satyam added.

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Netizens hailed the kindness bestowed upon Satyam by the Indian Railways and flooded the comments section with their thoughts.

“A good job, hats off to them,” a user wrote.

Another user commented, “Kudos to every single railway employee there who helped the boy. Keep it up.”

See the comments here:

“At Vadodara station also, railway officers were ready for us. They helped me out. I didn’t even need to search for the platform. I didn’t even need to pick up my luggage. They did it all for me. And I’m sure I’m going to have a happy journey,” Satyam further added.

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