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Infosys project aims diabetes reversal in 12,000 in 3 years

Nagpur: Diabetes has become the most common lifestyle disorder, especially in young people engaged in sedentary lifestyles. IT companies are now taking it seriously, it seems. Infosys Foundation, the philanthropic and CSR arm of Infosys, recently opened a Diabetes Reversal Counselling Centre in the city.

‘Dixit Diet’ fame Association for Diabetes and Obesity Reversal (ADORE) of Dr Jagannath Dixit is providing clinical expertise, supervision, and guidance to this centre, located at Pingle Niwas, Hingna Road, Deendayal Nagar. Through this initiative, Infosys aims to extend benefit to 12,000 people from Nagpur over next 3 years.

“Type 2 diabetes is affecting lives of thousands of people in working age group. Through this project, our vision is to improve lives of diabetics by encouraging and enabling minor changes in their lifestyle,” said Sunil Kumar Dhareshwar, trustee of Infosys Foundation.

Nagpur’s Diabetes Reversal Counselling Centre commenced its operations on December 1. It will provide free counselling services to diabetics. The centre will also conduct a free-of-cost HbA1c testing camp from December 5 to 14. Registration can be dome through a simple ping on WhatsApp numbers 88308 25209 or 88308 24438.

Dr Dixit was in Nagpur to launch this centre. “The centre will be manned by a diabetologist and a counsellor. They will provide individual counselling and guidance to diabetics. We hope to take this endeavour to greater heights to help better as many lives as possible,” said Dr Dixit.

Through lifestyle modifications, Dr Dixit and his team will assess the progress of patients based on parameters like reduction in blood sugar levels and weight, among others. Additionally, the project intends to reduce the dose of diabetic medicines for a minimum of 50 per cent patients.

“We are confident that these small steps will bring about a colossal difference in diabetic people’s health,” Dr Dixit said. He mentioned that Late Dr Shrikant Jichkar, who happened to be a Nagpurian, was a mentor of his campaign named as ‘World free of obesity and diabetes.’

“Our concept is unique and majority of people in Maharashtra know it by now. You do not have to spend money, or need to consult a doctor or expert, no need to buy any machine or food supplement,” said Dr Dixit.

Thousands have lost weight by following these lifestyle modifications by Dr Dixit. Hundreds of pre-diabetics have reverted to a non-diabetic state. In diabetics, the doses of medicines have decreased or completely stopped.

The Dixit Diet

Identify two times when you are really hungry. As far as possible, keep meal time fixed. Do not eat anything in between two meals. Finish meal in maximum 55 minutes. Reduce sweets from meals. Increase proteins in diet. Walk 4.5km in 45 minutes at a stretch for at least five days a week.

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