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Iqvia techies build AI avatar for remote healthcare

New Delhi: The sixth edition of healthcare IT and clinical research company IQVIA’s India Hackathon held recently saw over 150 ideas and solutions being submitted by employees. Teams used technologies like AI, ML, natural language processing (NLP), and IoT to solve complex healthcare challenges. Solutions ranged from detecting and predicting diseases using AI to innovative ways of bringing new treatments to the market faster, to developing apps and bots for enhanced patient care.

The team of Deepak Gulia, Namit Giriyapanavar, Thikshaya M and Tejas Mokal won the grand prize worth Rs 2 lakh. All of them are part of the AI and Machine Learning Centre of Excellence at IQVIA. Deepak, who led the team, says they developed a unique AI-powered virtual avatar to bring healthcare at zero distance for patients. The AI avatar can do live interactions with patients and providers so that healthcare reaches remote and underdeveloped areas with a scarcity of trained healthcare professionals.

Some of the interesting solutions by other finalist teams who won consolation prizes were:

* An interactive explainable AI platform for disease detection;

* Auto-AI platform for building and training complex AI models at scale;

* AI/ML-NLP driven talent acquisition platform to ease hiring process for human data science

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