Jharkhand: Six cybercriminals jump into river to evade arrest, nabbed by police

Six men, allegedly involved in cybercrimes, were recently arrested by Jharkhand Police. Notably, the officers had to cross a river while chasing the suspects in order to make the arrests.

During the operation, the police team, dressed in plain clothes, encountered the cybercriminals along the banks of the Barakar river. Upon spotting the officers, the men attempted to flee by jumping into the river, but the officials chased them and managed to arrest all the suspects.

The arrests were made following strategic raids across various areas. During their operation, the police recovered Rs 8,29,600 in cash, 12 mobile phones, 21 ATM cards, 18 SIM cards, 12 passbooks, six chequebooks, four PAN cards, and two Aadhaar cards from the accused.

A senior police official in Jharkhand’s Giridih said that the arrested cybercriminals allegedly engaged in fraudulent activities by making nude video calls through apps, and taking screenshots to blackmail their victims.

They also targeted pregnant women, deceiving them with false promises of maternity benefits through a nutrition tracker app.

Apart from the chase, the police also faced challenges from local villagers who, misled by rumours of child theft, initially reacted with hostility towards the raiding officers. Despite these difficulties, the police carried out the operation successfully.

Inputs by Suraj Sinha

Published By:

Aditi Sharma

Published On:

Dec 11, 2023

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