Madhya Pradesh: Denied ambulance, boy, 8, sits with body of 2-year-old brother on road

An eight-year-old boy was seen sitting with the body of his two-year-old younger brother on the streets of Madhya Pradesh’s Morena on Saturday. The father of the children, Poojaram Jatav, was desperately looking for an ambulance to take the body of his deceased son home.

A large crowd gathered after people saw the boy sitting with the dead body on the roadside and alerted the authorities.

The incident has been reported from Badfra village of Ambah. The health of Poojaram Jatav’s two-year-old son, Raja, suddenly worsened. Initially, Jatav made attempts to cure his son at home, but when his stomach pain became unbearable, he took Raja to the Morena district hospital. His elder son Gulshan also accompanied him to the hospital.


However, Raja died at the Morena district hospital. Poor and helpless Poojaram pleaded in front of the hospital authorities to arrange an ambulance to take the body back to his village, but his request was turned down.

After being denied an ambulance by the hospital authorities, the man came out of the hospital with his child’s body and sat on the road. He could not find any vehicle and did not have enough money to pay for one outside.

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Left with no other option, Poojaram Jatav decided to leave his elder son Gulshan with the body outside the hospital to look for a ride back home that he could afford.


Gulshan sat there for half an hour with his dead brother’s head on his lap, hoping for his father to return. Upon being alerted by the crowd, police officials arranged an ambulance and asked the driver to go to Poojaram Jatav’s home.

Poojaram Jatav told India Today TV, “The mother of the child is not at home. I am a poor man and I don’t know what my child ate and his condition worsened. When I approached the doctor, he told me to give Raja eno and asafoetida, which I did. But his health did not improve. I was being asked to pay for a vehicle.”

Meanwhile, Vinod Gupta, Morena civil surgeon, said, “We made arrangements for an ambulance. By the time the vehicle arrived, the father of the child had left.”

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