Maharashtra: 9-year-old boy kidnapped, killed for Rs 25 lakh ransom, body found in sack

A nine-year-old boy was killed in Maharashtra’s Badlapur after he was kidnapped for ransom following his evening prayers at a local mosque, police said on Monday. His body was found hidden in a sack at the accused’s house and two people were arrested in connection with the incident.

The victim, Ibad, who studied in Class 4, had gone to the mosque to offer his evening prayers as it was Ramzan. When he did not return home at night, his family grew worried and started searching for him in the neighbourhood.

Later, Ibad’s parents got an anonymous call and got to know that he was kidnapped and the kidnappers demanded a ransom of Rs 25 lakh. His father, Mudasir Buber, a tailor, informed the Kulgaon rural police.

After that, the Badlapur police and Crime Branch, under the leadership of District Superintendent of Police DS Swami, began searching for Ibad throughout the night in the Goregaon area.

The police traced the number from which the call had come and reached the kidnapper’s house. By then, the accused had realised that the police were reaching their house.

Fearing that the police would come to their house to investigate, the accused killed Ibad and stuffed his body in a sack and hid it behind his house. The police subsequently recovered the sack.

SP DS Swami said Ibad’s body was sent for post-mortem and the police arrested two people in connection with the murder.

He also said the police were investigating the motive of the crime.

(with inputs from Mithilesh)

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Prateek Chakraborty

Published On:

Mar 25, 2024

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