Mob thrashes man over kidnap rumour in Tamil Nadu’s vellore, 3rd such case in 15 days

A 45-year-old mentally challenged man from West Bengal was beaten up by a mob in Tamil Nadu’s Vellore on Tuesday, mistaking him for a kidnapper. This is the third such incident in the past 15 days.

The mob later handed over the man, Vishnath Ghosh, to the police, and their investigation revealed that the locals thrashed the man following a fake WhatsApp message about kidnapping in the area. Vishnath, who was mentally challenged, was roaming the streets, police added.

The officials issued a warning against anyone involved in spreading such false messages causing widespread panic.

In another incident on February 22, a transgender person working in a reputed IT firm was stopped, brutally thrashed, stripped half-naked, and tied to a lamppost by a mob in Chennai, believing her to be a kidnapper based on false social media forwards.

Similarly, on March 2, a migrant worker was brutally attacked in Thiruvallur district when the villagers mistook him for a kidnapper based on similar social media forwards.

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Mar 7, 2024

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