Parliament security breach: Trinamool leaders deny party’s link to Parliament attack accused Lalit Jha after BJP’s claim


The BJP recently shared photos of Lalit Jha, an accused in the recent Parliament security breach, with Trinamool Congress leader Tapas Roy, alleging that the two were close associates.

BJP West Bengal unit head Sukanta Majumdar shared a photo of TMC leaders Tapas Roy and Saumya Bakshi with Lalit Jha, who is believed to be the alleged mastermind of the major Lok Sabha security breach.

TMC leaders Tapas Roy and Saumya Bakshi with Parliament security breach accused Lalit Jha | Photo: India Today

In response, the TMC has pointed to BJP’s Mysuru MP, Prathap Simha, accused of facilitating passes for intruders who smuggled smoke bombs into Parliament.

In an exclusive conversation with India Today TV, TMC Youth Congress General Secretary Saumya Bakshi confirmed that while it was him in the photo, he did not know who Jha was, adding that it wasn’t possible to know everyone who took a selfie with him.

Bakshi said that he only got to know about him after reading about him on the news.

The TMC leader said, “Yes, that’s me in the photo with TMC MLA Tapas Roy. To the best of my knowledge, this picture was taken during a Saraswati Puja before the onset of the Covid lockdown.”

Speaking about Lalit Jha, he asserted, “I’m not familiar with the other person; I only learnt about it through your enquiry. I don’t know his name, and I haven’t had any personal interactions with him.”

Based on the photo, the BJP had alluded to a link between Jha and the TMC.


The TMC Youth Congress General Secretary refuted such a claim, saying, “He is not affiliated with the TMC. If he were associated, we would have information about which department or role he holds within the party. There’s no party association on his part.”

In another photo, TMC leader Rajesh Shukla was seen taking a selfie with Lalit Jha. When asked about the photo, Shukla told India Today TV, “I can confirm that it is indeed me and Lalit in the picture.”

TMC leader Rajesh Shukla with Parliament security breach accused Lalit Jha | Photo: India Today


Shukla said that Lalit and he were friends on Facebook, adding, “whenever I shared information about a public program on August 15 or January 26, he used to attend.”

The TMC leader said that Lalit Jha was not involved in party politics; he used to tutor kids.

“He (Lalit Jha) and his family hail from Dharbanga, Bihar. His father, a pandit, worked at a nearby house. After his retirement a few years back, they all moved away,” Shukla said.


Lalit Jha, the alleged mastermind behind the Lok Sabha attack, used to live in Kolkata’s Burrabazar area, according to locals who recognised him from a picture.

Locals said he vacated the house around 1.5 years ago, and it has remained locked ever since. The property owner resides in Delhi and had leased the property, which was subsequently subleased to Jha.

According to community members, he occasionally visited to teach children.


On the anniversary of the 2001 Parliament terror attack, two men, Sagar Sharma and Manoranjan D, breached security by entering the Lok Sabha chamber from the visitors’ gallery.

They released yellow smoke, shouted slogans, and were subdued by MPs before being handed over to security.

Simultaneously, a man and a woman, identified as Amol and Neelam, sprayed coloured gas and shouted slogans outside Parliament. All four individuals were subsequently arrested.

Lalit Jha, the alleged mastermind in Wednesday’s Parliament security breach incident, surrendered before the Delhi Police on Thursday night.

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Aditi Sharma

Published On:

Dec 15, 2023


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