Pati, patni aur passport: How Mumbai man’s ploy to hide Maldives trip from wife landed him in jail

A man in Mumbai ripped out the pages from his passport to keep his Maldives trip a secret from his wife, but got arrested when immigration authorities noticed the missing pages.

The man tore out the pages from his passport, unaware that it’s a criminal act. (Representative image)

A man in Mumbai took a trip to the Maldives, frolicked with his lover in the island paradise, then ripped out the pages from his passport to keep his wife in the dark about the tryst. Little did he know that his deed would get him arrested.

According to a Mid-Day report, the arrested man is a 32-year-old engineer working at an MNC. After telling his wife that he was going on a foreign trip for official work, he went on holiday to the Maldives with the woman he was having an extra-marital affair with.

However, when the man did not pick up her calls, his wife grew suspicious. She called him repeatedly on WhatsApp and he decided to cut his vacay short. To hide the fact that he had been in the Maldives and not away on a work trip from his wife, he tore off the visa-stamped pages on his passport.

The engineer landed in Mumbai on Thursday night, where immigration authorities noticed that pages 3-6 and 31-34 from his passport were missing. When asked about it, the man was evasive. He was handed over to the police, who placed him under arrest on charges of cheating and forgery.

“He deliberately tore pages from his passport and travelled from the Maldives to India and hence he has committed an offence of cheating with the passport authority and immigration department,” said an immigration officer in his complaint to Sahar police, as reported by Mid-Day.

During questioning, the man disclosed his plan to holiday with his lover in the Maldives. He also admitted that he had ripped out the pages of the passport to keep his trip a secret from his wife.

Police said he was unaware that damaging a passport issued by the Government of India is a criminal act.

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