People are obsessing over Pakistan’s adorable ‘youngest’ vlogger Shiraz. Who is he?


For all the social media enthusiasts out there, chances are you have come across delightful videos of Mohammad Shiraz, recognised as the ‘youngest’ vlogger in Pakistan.

Through his YouTube channel ‘Shirazi Village Vlogs’ and Instagram account, Mohammad entertains his viewers with videos that capture the essence of his family life and daily experiences. Shiraz is reportedly is all of six and hails from Khaplu village in Gilgit-Baltistan.

In his vlogs, Shiraz also provides updates from his picturesque neighbourhood, which is surrounded by breathtaking snowy mountains, often serving as the backdrop for his engaging content.

Known for his infectious laugh, eloquent expressions, and captivating personality, Shiraz has garnered widespread popularity on social media. His followers are not only treated to glimpses of his daily life but also get to enjoy the endearing presence of his younger sister, Muskan, adding an extra layer of sweetness to his videos.

He has posted a total of 66 videos and has over 6 lakh subscribers on his YouTube channel. Each video highlights his joy, innocence, and simplicity that define the life of the ‘youngest’ vlogger in Pakistan.

Here are some adorable videos by Shiraz that you should not miss.

This video will definitely make your day.

Here’s another video in which young Mohammad is seen shopping. He also surprises his friend with a gift. Such a sweet gesture!

Here’s another cute video featuring Mohammad looking for his “missing” sister.

Watch this video of Mohammad and Muskan’s first day at school.

Recently, Mohammad Shiraz was gifted the YouTube silver play button from the channel for amassing over 1 lakh subscribers on his YouTube channel ‘Shirazi Village Vlogs’.

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Ashmita Saha

Published On:

Mar 13, 2024


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