PM hasn’t taken holiday in 23 years, best example of policy maker: Amit Shah

Union Home Minister Amit Shah was all praises for Prime Minister Narendra Modi, calling him the “best example” of a policy maker. Emphasizing that the upcoming elections would shape India’s trajectory for the next quarter-century, Shah highlighted some of the notable achievements under PM Modi’s leadership, including demonetisation.

The Home Minister praised PM Modi for his relentless work ethic, stating, “PM Modi has not taken a holiday in 23 years. We wanted a visionary PM, but we have got a PM who can change the Yug.”

Addressing the India Global Forum Annual Investment Summit in Mumbai, Amit Shah said that the last decade under Prime Minister Modi’s governance had witnessed a remarkable transformation, turning the country from a state of economic distress to a self-reliant and dynamic nation.

“I have confidence that this journey will continue for the next decade. Parliament has a resolution that by 2047, India will be among top three economies and it will be a developed country. We have 10 years performance and 25 years roadmap and are going into election with this,” Amit Shah said.

He highlighted the progress made in the last decade under PM Modi’s leadership, asserting that the Prime Minister’s tenure has been instrumental in reshaping India’s economic landscape.

“In 2014, the economy was in shambles. There were Rs 12 lakh crore worth scams in the country. Capitalism was high. Fiscal deficit was beyond control. We were very low in ease of doing business. Banks were in bad condition. Security of country was in trouble, terror attacks were happening and women also were not feeling safe. At that point, BJP decided to fight the election under the leadership of Narendra Modi,” Amit Shah said.

He credited Prime Minister Modi with steering the country away from these challenges, ushering in a new era marked by economic reforms and effective governance.

“There was instability before Narendra Modi got control with clear mandate. Growth story of India started from there. We improved banks and improved forex management. Different politics startedâ€æpolitics of performance was established,” Amit Shah said.

“In 2016, we did demonetization; in 2017, we brought GST; we made decisions for NPA, digital landscape was increased, surgical and airstrike gave message in the world that country’s Army and border cannot be taken lightly. We ended triple talaq and gave rights to women. We abolished article 370.

“In 50 years of rule, Congress cannot give five years of big decisions. We have taken 50 big decisions which have improved the direction and state of the country,” Shah asserted, underscoring the decisive governance exhibited by PM Modi and the BJP.

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Mar 6, 2024

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