Ram Gopal Varma reacts to Vidyut Jammwal’s nude pics: You’ve brought out the Animal in you

On his 43rd birthday, Vidyut Jammwal shared a series of nude photos from his retreat in the mountains. The photos went viral in no time. Amid all the buzz around the photos, Ram Gopal Varma reacted to Vidyut’s nude photographs. In his tweet, RGV mentioned that the ‘Force’ actor brought out the ‘Animal’ in him.


Ram Gopal Varma has reacted to the viral nude photos Vidyut Jammwal posted on his birthday. He called him a ‘Greek God’ and made an ‘Animal’ reference to compliment him.

Taking to X, RGV wrote, “Hey @VidyutJammwal I think it’s so timely that you have brought out the ANIMAL in you you are truly looking like a GREEK GOD A million salutes to you (sic).”


Ever since Ranbir Kapoor’s ‘Animal’ release, Ram Gopal Varma has been showering RK and the film with praise. He also wrote a detailed review of the film.

Describing one of the scenes, he wrote, “One of my favourite moments is when was against everyone’s expectations, including me in the audience, was that he (Ranbir’s character Vijay), will come back with a baseball bat or something, but when he comes back with a machine gun that almost made us all fall off our chairs and that moment is a pure cinematic gem (sic).”


Vidyut Jammwal, on his 43rd birthday, shared a series of nude photos from his days in retreat in the Himalayan ranges. Along with it, was a long note. It can be read, “My retreat to the Himalayan ranges – “the abode of the divine” started 14 years ago. Before I realised, it became an integral part of my life to spend 7-10 days alone- every year. Coming into the wilderness from a life of luxury and adulation, I enjoy finding my solitude and realising the importance of knowing “Who I am Not“ which is the first step of knowing “WHO AM I “as well as fending for myself in the quiet luxuries provided by nature (sic).”

Further adding, “I am most comfortable outside my comfort zone and I tune into the natural frequency of nature, and I imagine myself as the satellite dish antenna- receiving & emitting vibrations of happiness and love. I vibrate at the frequency of COMPASSION.I vibrate at the frequency of DETERMINATION. I vibrate at the frequency of ACHIEVEMENT. I vibrate at the frequency of ACTION (sic).”

He then added, “It is here that I create the energy I want to surround myself with and come back home, ready to experience a new chapter in my life – Reborn. Also would love to share that this solitude is inconceivable to the mind, but experiential only when in awareness I’m now ready and excited for my next chapter – CRAKK releasing in theatres on Feb 23rd, 2024 Pic courtesy – A local shepherd Mohar Singh (sic).”


Vidyut Jammwal made his Bollywood debut with John Abraham’s ‘Force’ in 2012. This year, he was a part of ‘IB 71’. Next, he will be seen in ‘Crakk’ which releases in theatres on February 23, 2024.

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Dec 10, 2023

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