Shiv Aroor’s take on Sandeshkhali accused Sheikh Shahjahan’s arrest


Viewer, Sheikh Shahjahan, the man accused of untold horrors in Bengal’s Sandeshkhali, is finally in police custody.

But if you think this man accused of all of those horrible things in Sandesh Khali is in any real trouble, first impressions do not inspire a lot of confidence.

For starters, this is how he was produced in court today.

With an arrogant swagger, Sheikh Shahjahan strode into court with hapless, servile, bumbling West Bengal police personnel tailing him like hesitant, deferential bodyguards rather than his proud captors.

To me, viewer, this image of Sheikh Shahjahan marching into court is perhaps the first dose of honesty we’ve seen from the Trinamool Congress since the beginning of the Sandeshkhali saga.


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