sourh korean vlogger kelly harassed in maharashtra by two men

 A South Korean vlogger Kelly, was harassed in broad daylight in Maharashtra by two men on December 17. 

Kelly was engaging with the local community and recording her experiences at a local market when two men suddenly popped beside her and one of them put his arms around her shoulder and neck. 

The Korean tourist was visibly uncomfortable. She hurriedly freed herself from the grasp of the man and bid goodbye to the locals. The man, in a brazen act caught on camera, instructed another individual to “Hold her like this,” before proceeding to embrace Kelly without her consent. 

In the video, Kelly is heard saying, “I have to run from here”. 

The video of the harassment quickly spread across social media platforms, sparking outrage. They expressed regret and extended their support to Kelly, hoping that such incidents would not mar the otherwise warm hospitality India is known for.

This event echoed a similar occurrence from the previous year when Kelly was stalked and harassed by two men in Khar, Mumbai. The suspects were apprehended but later released on bail, highlighting the ongoing challenges faced by women regarding safety and harassment in public spaces.

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