Stand-up comedian Sundeep Sharma held at gunpoint in Noida, rejects cops’ ‘could be mobile’ claim

Stand-up comedian Sundeep Sharma has publicly disputed the Noida Police’s suggestion that an incident he reported, involving a supposed gun-wielding man, may have been a misunderstanding involving a mobile phone. Sharma insists that the encounter was serious and should not be dismissed lightly.

The incident occurred late Sunday night, Sundeep Sharma wrote in a post on X (formerly Twitter), when he and a colleague were returning from a performance in Noida’s Sector 104. According to Sharma, a man dressed like a businessman suddenly stepped in front of their vehicle, causing them to stop. Initially, Sharma believed the man was holding a gun and took to social media around 1 AM Monday to describe the harrowing experience.

In his post, Sharma detailed how the man approached the car while he defensively held up his mobile phone, which he considered using as a self-defense weapon. The man then smiled, moved aside, and signaled for them to proceed.

However, the Noida police later released a statement suggesting that during their investigation, Sharma conceded he might have mistaken a mobile phone in the man’s hand for a gun.

“During the police investigation, Sandeep Sharma said about the ‘gun’ that he could not see it properly in hurry and the man might have a mobile in his hand,” police said.

This statement was met with criticism from Sharma, who accused the police of trying to downplay the severity of the situation.

“I disagree with this response, kindly take this matter seriously. I have posted my replies under this comment. It’s not like we are imagining things. Please put lights on that stretch which is completely dark and secluded and connects to the highway,” Sharma wrote in a post on X.

The police have stated that they are investigating the matter and have been in contact with Sharma for further details.

Published By:

Devika Bhattacharya

Published On:

Dec 19, 2023

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