Telangana man allegedly kills 6 members from same family to grab land

A 20-year-old man in Telangana’s Makloor allegedly killed six members of the same family in order to grab the land they owned. However, police have only been able to find four unidentified bodies and said preliminary investigation suggested that one person was involved in all cases.

The case involves Mangali Prasad, a resident of Makloor village and his family comprising his wife, two kids, and two sisters. The family had left Makloor and settled in Machareddy village in Kamareddy district.

As per sources, while the family lived in Machareddy, their house back in Makloor was being maintained by Mangali Prasad’s friend Golla Prashanth. Prasad was facing problems getting a loan against the property and got it transferred in Prashanth’s name, they added.

When the loan fell through, Prasad asked Prashanth to transfer back the property but the latter refused, according to sources.

Prasad was reportedly killed in a forest area along the Nizamabad-Kamareddy National Highway. The next victim was Prasad’s wife who was allegedly told by Prashanth that her husband had been arrested. She was killed and her body was left in a river in Basara.

Prasad’s elder sister was the next family member who was allegedly killed by Prashanth. Prasad’s children were reportedly killed near a bridge and his younger sister in Machareddy.

As all the murdered people belong to the same family, no case of disappearance has been registered anywhere.

The Superintendent of Kamareddy Police said that they found four unidentified bodies and four separate FIRs were filed. She added that the police are trying to link the cases as preliminary investigation susggested that one person is involved in all of them.

According to the SP, locals alleged that one person is involved in six murders but till now only four unidentified dead bodies have been found.

The police is probing all angles and details will be revealed shortly, she added.

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chingkheinganbi mayengbam

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Dec 19, 2023

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