This video of an adorable baby is viral with over 35 million views on Instagram. Here’s why

In a world where the internet is flooded with countless videos, it takes something truly special to capture the hearts of millions. Now, a video featuring an adorable baby has done just that, going viral on Instagram with over 35 million views. The charm of this simple yet captivating video lies in its star – a baby whose cuteness is so overwhelming that viewers can’t help but be mesmerised.

The video was shared by Keyce, who decided to bring her child in front of the camera. As the video starts, she places her baby in front of the lens, and a text overlay appears saying, ‘Can you please watch my baby for me’. What follows is a heartwarming scene that has enchanted millions: the baby coos, gazes into the camera with innocent eyes, and ultimately flashes a big, gummy smile that is pure joy to witness.

This delightful moment was not Keyce’s first attempt at sharing her baby’s charm with the world. She mentions in the caption, “Since this went viral on TikTok with 2 million views, it has to be posted on Instagram also, I guess.”

Take a look:

The video’s massive success on Instagram is a testament to the power of simplicity and the universal language of cuteness.

Here’s what people had to say:

Hypnotising or not, you decide!

Published By:

Srimoyee Chowdhury

Published On:

Mar 14, 2024

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