Trinamool says Amrita Roy’s family helped British, Krishnagar BJP candidate hits back


The Trinamool Congress on Monday claimed that the family of Rajmata (Queen Mother) Amrita Roy, the BJP candidate from West Bengal’s Krishnanagar Lok Sabha seat, had sided with the British.

Trinamool Congress leader Kunal Ghosh alleged that Raja Krishna Chandra Roy, the king of Krishnagar, had helped the British forces when Nawab of Bengal Siraj-ud-Daulah was fighting against British rule.

“History says the royal family of Krishnanagar helped the Britishers when Siraj-ud-Daulah fought against the British. Raja Krishna Chandra Roy had helped the British forces,” he told India Today.

“It’s quite obvious that (Veer) Savarkar’s party, which is responsible for the killing of Mahatma Gandhi, would nominate someone from a family, which supported the British. On the other hand, Mahua Moitra is fighting against corruption in the country,” Ghosh said, taking a dig at the BJP.

Moitra is the Trinamool Congress candidate from Krishnanagar, a seat which she had won in 2019 before she was disqualified as an MP last year in the cash-for-query case.


Hitting back at Ghosh, Roy dismissed the allegations, saying they were “false”.

“This is something that I think every Bengali and every Indian will agree that whatever is being told about my family is entirely false. The allegation is Maharaja Krishna Chandra Roy had sided with the British. Why did he do that? It’s because of the torture of Siraj-ud-Daullah,” she said.

“If he had not done that, would Hinduism have survived here? Would Sanatan Dharma had survived? No. Then, he would have been transformed into another identity. If that’s the case, why can’t we say that the Maharaja saved us from an anti-communal strike,” Roy further said.

Published By:

Prateek Chakraborty

Published On:

Mar 26, 2024


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