US zoo responds after concerning pic of polar bear lying on ice goes viral

A recent photograph of a polar bear at the St Louis Zoo in the US sparked controversy when it appeared to show the bear in distress. The image showed Kali, a polar bear who came from Northern Alaska, lying on his stomach with his head resting on a small pool of ice that had been thrown onto barren ground. Many people expressed concern about the living conditions for animals at zoos after seeing this photo.

In response to these concerns, the St Louis Zoo released a statement addressing the situation. They explained that the polar bear was actually resting comfortably on a “bed” made of ice and exhibiting natural behaviour. According to the zoo, Kali has access to both indoor air conditioning and outdoor habitats that include ice machines, cooling fans, shade, and saltwater pools kept cool year-round.

“The photo shows a content, healthy bear relaxing on a bed of ice in his favourite napping pose. Bears, just like a lot of animals and pets, sleep in all sorts of positions (yes, sometimes even ones that seem odd). This is normal bear behaviour seen both in zoos and in the wild,” the zoo wrote.

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“Polar bear Kali has the choice to stay inside in air conditioning or go into his outside habitat. Most of the time, he chooses to go outside. His habitat is full of fun enrichment and has multiple ice machines, cooling fans, shade, and saltwater pools kept cool year-round,” the zoo added.

Polar bears are not classified as endangered at present, but that doesn’t mean their populations aren’t vulnerable, according to World Wildlife Fund.

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Srimoyee Chowdhury

Published On:

Apr 4, 2024

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