WATCH: Women soak BJP MLA in mud to please rain god in UP’s Maharajganj

The women of Pipradeora in UP gave a mud bath to BJP MLA Jai Mangal Kanojia to please the rain god.

 Mud bath ritual in UP's Maharajganj.

Mud bath ritual in UP’s Maharajganj.

The residents of Uttar Pradesh’s Maharajganj found a way to please the rain god as their region reels under scorching heat. On Tuesday night, the women of Pipradeora gave a mud bath to BJP MLA Jai Mangal Kanojia and Municipal Council president Krishna Gopal Jaiswal as part of a ‘special ritual’ to woo Lord Indra.

Some people in this eastern UP region believe that throwing or bathing a person in mud would please Indra, the god of rain.

After drenching the duo with mud, the women said now Lord Indra would be happy and would bless the town with rainfall.

MLA Jai Mangal Kanoja said people were troubled because of the heat and hence he agreed to take part in the ritual.

“People are suffering in this weather, crops are getting dried. This is a ritual based on an old belief so we decided to be a part of it,” he said.

(With inputs from Amitesh Tripathi)

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