Hindu seer threatens ‘Kaali’ filmmaker with ‘sar tan se juda’

The movie poster of ‘Kaali’ which depicts Goddess Kaali smoking a cigarette has sparked outrage. A Hindu seer has now issued a threat to the filmmaker over an “insult to Sanatan dharam”.

Hindu seer threatens ‘Kaali’ filmmaker

Raju Das, mahant of Hanuman Garhi temple in Ayodhya. (Screengrab)

A Hindu seer has threatened filmmaker Leena Manimekalai after the latter shared the poster of her film ‘Kaali’ which depicts Goddess Kaali smoking a cigarette. The movie poster has triggered an outrage over the goddess’ portrayal.

Issuing a threat to the filmmaker, Raju Das mahant of Hanuman Garhi temple in Ayodhya, said, “Look at the recent events. When Nupur Sharma said the right things, it sparked fire across India, across the world. But you want to insult the Sanatan dharam? Kya chaahte ho, tumhara bhi sar tan se juda ho jaaye (Do you also want your head to be separated from your body)? Is this what you want?”

Raju Das condemned the movie poster and said, “Filmmaker Leena’s documentary movie is an insult to Sanatan dharam and Hindu gods and goddesses.”

The trailer shows a woman dressed in the costume of Goddess Kaali. She is seen smoking a cigarette in the photo. Along with her usual accoutrements of a trishul (trident) and sickle, the actor playing the goddess is shown wielding the LGBTQ+ community’s pride flag.

He urged the union home ministry to take strict action against the filmmaker. He also asked the government to ban the movie.

“This won’t do. I request union home ministry to take strictest action against her and to ban the movie. If actions are not taken, we will create a situation that will be difficult to handle,” the seer said.

Mahant Raju Das said that the filmmaker can still be forgiven for her audacity if she apologises now. “But if the movie is released, then we will create a situation that you won’t be able to handle,” the Hindu seer said.

Sharad Shukla, former general secretary of Indian Youth Congress, also raised demanded a ban on the movie.

“People who make such web series and documentaries should be put behind bars,” Sharad Shukla said.

He also sought registration of complaint against the filmmakers.

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