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Project Management Services (PMC)

PMC with varied level of services; customizable. We are the only provider; develop the in-house team skillsets of Developers & Contractors

  • One-Stop Solution Service

    Start from the day after MoU, include getting NOCs, Sanction Plan, JDA/ RERA, Consultants, Architects, Engineers, Project Management, OC, Khata etc.

  • Full PMC Service

    Start from the JDA/ JVA or RERA, covers entire construction phase to handover, include all coordination activities & stakeholders management

  • Limited PMC Service

    The main difference from Full PMC service is the entire site Project Management staffs are from client's side. We will chair weekly meetings & guide them via telephone; include contracts management, drafting Project Management Plan & Project Schedule

Program Management Services (PGMC)

We develop and streamline the processes & central system for the organization.

At the cost of a fraction; and every program is unique & customized based on initial research and study conducted in client’s office and at project sites.

The main purpose of the program is to increase the productivity, remove time delays, and to establish a specific quality standards for all projects.

Day-to-day performance can be monitored from remote location, thus help the senior management to invest their time in a more productive way rather than running behind projects issues.

Suitable for companies managing 3+ projects at a time or planning to expand to other geographical regions.

Incorporating Profit (INC Profit)

We convert the stalled projects on NO Profit NO Fees basis

  • Initial deployment fees applies
  • Additional conditions may apply depending on the challenges

We specialize in

  • Business Transition & New Branch Management

  • Strategic business planning

  • Transformation and change management

  • Process design and improvement

  • Expense management and benchmarking

  • Sourcing strategies

  • Performance management

Program Technocrat (Partec)

We develop and streamline the processes & central system for the organization.

We are convinced that initial investment should not be a challenge in collaborating with us

If you are an ambitious firm with potential on entrepreneurship, then we will be your Technocrat with zero investment on your side.

*Conditions & Initial Deployment fees applies

Other Services

  • Outsourcing Support

  • Identify & Skills Transfer

  • Profit making Core Business identification

  • Improving Business Agility

  • Process automation and artificial intelligence

Upcoming Projects

Marine Coastal Protection system

An alternative to the existing technologies which is capable of reducing the cost & materials to a minimum of 50%. This is an offshore-based innovative solution aiming at protecting low-lying coast and coastal hinterland against flooding caused by the combined effect of storm surges and high astronomical tides.

Ai-Project Manager

This will be the world’s first fully Artificial Intelligence integrated project management solution for the construction sector which can track the real-time interactions of workers, machinery, and objects on the site and alert supervisors of potential delay issues, construction errors, and mainly productivity issues.


We strictly implement One Company One Quality Standards Policy, when means we follow & implement same standards for all our projects irrespective of the finance associated